“Dombyke Farms Objective is to feed
Nigerians sustainably”

Dombyke Farms is passionate about providing healthy and affordable food products to Nigerians. This is why we practice integrated farming and incorporate circularity business model in our operations to ensure zero waste.
We have three-prong approach to sustainable operations: Economic, Environment and Social.


Zero waste production ensures more affordable production which is transferred to our customers to ensure they get quality food products at affordable prices. We believe that everybody has the right to healthy food products no matter their economic status!

02. Environment

We are concerned by the degradation of the environment, so we utilize what would have been waste from one segment of production to act as input for another segment of production. We are pro-green and plant at least one tree every month as our contribution for the protection of the ozone layer. We produce our own probiotics, fertilizers, insecticides and other organic supplements for our animals and crops.

03. Social

We have an internship program where women and youths are given the opportunity to learn the various aspects of agribusiness. On their graduation, they are given resources to implement what they learnt and start their own business with continuous monitoring and mentoring by us. We also ensure they have ready market for their products by being their off-takers.

“Dombyke Farms is ensuring sustainable agribusiness by producing healthy and affordable food products, promoting agribusiness advocacy by partnering with some stakeholders and educating the next generation of agripreneurs”

Ogochukwu Igwebike

Chairman, Dombyke farms

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